Do you want to write a novel but don’t know where to begin? Struggling to fit it into your schedule? Or finding it hard to keep all the information, characters, research and outlines about your novel in a neat pile of limited fuss?
Find out how Life Of A Storyteller’s ‘The Novel Planning Blueprint: An Everyday Planner for Writers’
can help you write the best possible novel you can!

Writing a novel, despite how much experience you have, what genre your novel is, or how long you plan for it to be, is not an easy task to take on! With this trusty planner in your hands, however, and the passion and determination of any writer, you are ready to take your writing and your literary career into your own hands and turn your dreams into a reality.

Absolutely anyone and everyone can use this workbook! Whether you are writing your very first novel or your 5th, trying to juggle personal, work and writing life, still studying, or aren’t sure whether or not you can do this, The Novel Planning Blueprint is right for you!

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