Here at Life Of A Storyteller’s shop, you will find a collection of educational books, workbooks, and courses on all aspects of writing, publishing, and marketing your novel. You will also find books written by S.J. Ridley, owner of Life Of A Storyteller and self-published author.


Do you want to create a novel that readers can’t put down? Do you want to become an icon in the literature world? Then look no further! Find out how Life Of A Storyteller’s ‘How to Write a Strong Novel: The 9 Key Pillars to Focus on’
can do just that.

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Do you want to write a novel but don’t know where to begin? Struggling to fit it into your schedule? Or finding it hard to keep all the information, characters, research and outlines about your novel in a neat pile of limited fuss?
Life Of A Storyteller’s ‘The Novel Planning Blueprint: An Everyday Planner for Writers’
can help you write the best possible novel you can!


Every writer builds a wonderful world surrounding their story. Don’t hide it away, let it loose into the minds of readers so that they can escape into a world that is better than our own. With The Ultimate World-building Workbook, you can create a thorough and authentic world full of the wonders of your imagination. Everything you need to guide you is within these pages.


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We believe that we are defined by the accomplishments we achieve in our lives. The amount of money we make or success we reach before our time is nigh. But that is wrong. We are defined by the marks we leave on others, by the good and bad deeds we did and have been dealt. We are defined by love, for being unique and for the imprint we leave on the hearts of others.


Have you ever felt the grasps of true love? A love that starts as a slow-burning flame that soon ignites into a blaze that can never be put out. It is a love of sharing and forgiving, of mutual understanding and passion. A love that no matter what life may bestow upon it, may never die. A love tested by the limits of time. A love doomed by the challenges of life. A love I will have to destroy.

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