We believe that we are defined by the accomplishments we achieve in our lives. The amount of money we make or success we reach before our time is nigh. But that is wrong. We are defined by the marks we leave on others, by the good and bad deeds we did and have been dealt. We are defined by love, for being unique and for the imprint we leave on the hearts of others.

We each have a story. Fleeting moments in our lives that fade away to the confines of our heart, and even there they can be forgotten. For JACQUELINE DALLY, her life is filled with the memories of her past. As the coming of life is beginning to steal what time she has left, we are taken back on an inspiring true story to a devastating World War ll and her yearning to belong in a world where she is surrounded by secrets, lies, and betrayal.

From the rolling green hills of England to the red stained dirt of Australia, a derisive father that frightened her and a life of lies have led JACQUELINE to the simple hope that her memories don’t fade more with time and become the very thing her life was surrounded by, unspoken words.


Life of a Storyteller        Life of a Storyteller

Have you ever felt the grasps of true love?

A love that starts as a slow-burning flame that soon ignites into a blaze that can never be put out. It is a love of sharing and forgiving, of mutual understanding and passion. A love that no matter what life may bestow upon it, may never die.

It is a love that I experienced in two young and innocent souls. A boy and a girl, both tested by the limits of time and the challenges of life. Greyson Cole and Tessa Hawley first met at twelve years of age in the leaf-covered streets of Pacific Avenue. There they shared sticky lollies from Greyson’s pocket, rides to school in a little red waggon, afternoons laying in the Blue Anemone flowers and the common interest of picking on old, grumpy Mr Evans.

Starting as a beautiful friendship that blossomed into a deep love before their lives had even started, different paths led them astray to a shore that no longer had the other.

Through the changing tides of their lives, they never thought they would see each other again. But they were wrong.

A love so true never really has an ending. For Greyson Cole’s and Tessa Hawley’s life is an unforgettable love story full of emotion, passion, heartbreak and the race against time.


Life of a Storyteller      Life of a Storyteller