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My Name is Sara Ridley and I am the owner of Life of a Storyteller. I am an avid reader of pretty much every genre and a storyteller of the stories that mean the most to me. In 2015 I self-published my very first novel, Unspoken Words, and have since fallen in love with writing, self-publishing, and blogging. Now, my goal is to help other authors bring their dreams to life and show them that anything is possible if you put your mind to it.

When I’m not reading or typing away at the computer, I’m spending time with my family, friends and my way too human husky, or rewatching Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings, Star Wars or Game of Thrones! (Please keep Tyrion alive George. R.R. Martin!) Want to find out more about how I got here today? Scroll down and have a stalk!


Do you want to write a novel but don’t know where to begin? Have you written it but don’t know how to self-publish? Or maybe you have given your novel a gentle push out into the wide world but don’t know how to reach your target audience.

At Life Of A Storyteller, you will find in-depth blog posts about all aspects of writing, publishing, and marketing, as well as an awesome free resources, e-books, workbooks, and courses.


If you want to write a novel or you have dreams of becoming an author then nothing should stand in your way. Here at Life Of A Storyteller, I believe that you can turn your dreams into a reality. 

Writers come from all walks of life, and just because we walk a different path does not mean that one person should be at more of an advantage than another. That is why all e-books, workbooks, and checklists at Life Of A Storyteller are FREE.  Nothing should stand in your way to achieving your dreams, and as a fellow writer, I know the struggles of trying to find informative resources that you can afford.

If cost is a barrier to you, then please feel free to download the guides below for freeIf you liked to help support Life Of A Storyteller and its mission to help writers from all walks of life, then please consider making a small donation so that I can continue to turn others dreams into a reality!

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How did I come to write my first novel?

Published in 2015, for four years of my life previous to this milestone, I had been researching and writing a novel that had become more than just a story to me, it has become my inspiration. Unspoken Words is about someone I have looked up to my entire life, someone who has inspired me to never stop searching for my dreams and that there is no limit to your kindness and forgiveness; my Nan.

Growing up, I always immersed myself in the stories created by the imagination so that I can escape reality. When I asked my Nan to write her story for the world to see, I never could have imagined how much my life would change. She inspired me. She gave me someone to look up to, a hero not written in fantasy novels but right in front of me.

It was then that I knew, if I could inspire just one person with her story in the way that she has inspired me throughout my life, then that is more than I could ever ask for.


Why did I start up Life Of A Storyteller?

The simple answer would be that I want to help others, and that is true. But to me, it’s more than that. I currently live in a small rural town with very limited opportunities. My family and friends believed in me from day one when I told them I was going to write a novel, but there were a lot of people who thought it was a waste of time, or that I couldn’t do it. The main reason I created Life Of A Storyteller is because a lot of people don’t have the support I had, and that can stop them from telling their story. Here, at this blog, you will find that support and I will believe in you.


Who are my favourite authors?

Hands down my favourite author is the legendary J. R.R. Tolkien. My main focus as a writer is in the genre of fantasy and worldbuilding. It was J. R.R. Tolkien’s The Hobbit that made me realise my crazy thoughts could actually transpire into a novel. Now, I am in the process of writing a fantasy series and the world.

Other notable mentions are J.K. Rowling, George R.R. Martin, Marcus Zusak, Cassandra Clare and Patrick Rothfuss.


What are my favourite novels?

First and foremost, my all time favourite novel is The Hobbit. Bilbo Baggins is my main man, and I’d venture Middle Earth with him any day! Other books that I love is The Name of the Wind by Patrick Rothfuss, Catching Fire by Suzanne Collins, The Book Thief by Marcus Zusak, and the entire Harry Potter series by J.K. Rowling.


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